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Woodcarvers Provide Fun and Competition at the Expo

Ocean Shores, March 7, 2013 - The 6th Annual Grays Harbor Expo is once again presenting
Roadside Chainsaw Carving Competition and Auctions from Bigshot Woodcarving as an event.

Bigshot Woodcarving is operated by Steve Backus who has been doing Chainsaw Carving
competitions in the Ocean Shores and Western Washington area for over twenty year. This year
he expects twenty carvers to team up to entertain the event participants and competing for prize
money in daily competitions. “This art form of chainsaw carving, that is as native to the Pacific
Northwest as Starbucks coffee, or giant trees, is the art that grew out of the timber industry and
we are very pleased to showcase it at the Grays HarborCounty Expo,” says Steve Backus.
From noon to 5 p.m. each of the three days of the show, there will be a Quick Carve competition,
with two of the chainsaw artists going head to head on a ten-minute chainsaw only carve. At the
end of the ten minutes the audience in the stage area vote with applause to determine the winner.
And yes the items go into each evening’s auction. Over the three days the winners will all
compete with each other until a final winner will receive a cash prize.
Between the Quick Carve contests the twenty carvers will be working on their daily entries into
the daily auction. Each day the chainsaw artist with the most dollars in auction sales, wins an
additional cash prize.
At 5 p.m. each evening, after the Quick Carve, the day’s auction will start. If years past are any
indication, there will be plenty of competition to buy great pieces of chainsaw art.
Steve Backus says, “We will provide a fun filled and exiting day, each and every day, with a
blend of on the top of the hour quick-carves, as well as a larger competition in the background of
this fine show with more refined artwork produced by some of the finest chainsaw carvers in the
In between the Quick Carves and the Auctions, show participants can go through the Hot Rod
show, the Fine Arts Show and the Home Show. The Memorial Day Event will celebrate those
who have given so much to keep us safe. See for more