Who we are

Exhibiting at consumer and trade expos, shows, fairs, festivals, conferences and other events are affordable and effective ways to meet thousands of qualified customers in a short period of time. Successful promotion is achieved by great advertising and promotion for every show. We "get the word out" so you can expand your customer base.

At the right event, an exhibitor can close a year's worth of sales, in just two days! However, at a typical expo or show you can realistically expect to meet and gather information from hundreds of interested customers per day! If you were making sales calls, you wouldn't come close to reaching this many qualified prospects. This is why events have become a big part of many companies successful businesses sales and marketing plans.

Puget Sound Trade Shows and Events has been in the business of planning, promoting, and managing events around the Puget Sound for over 15 years.  Give us a call.